The Theory Test is designed to make you a Safer Driver
from the start, which is why you will be tested on:

Risk/Hazard perception
Rules & Regulations of the road
How to behave after an accident

From around a 1000 possible questions in each Theory Test...
Are you ready to give the right answers to all of them? If not, don't worry!
Our Instructors will make sure you're fully prepared.

The first part of the Theory Test requires computer push-button responses.
The second part - Hazard Perception - involves looking at video clips
and pressing a button when you identify Developing Hazards.
You have to pass both parts of the Theory Test at the same time.

We will help you through each section and use test papers so you can
become familiar with the way in which questions are typically asked.
We can arrange Hazard Perception Test practice, by arrangement, too.

For more details and the cost just ask your instructor,
or call the office on 01623 654 456 (mobile 07747 534 678)

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