Try to make your driving as smooth and
comfortable as you can.

When manoeuvering your vehicle continuous
all round awareness is essential
LOOK and PLAN well ahead,
do not get preoccupied with earlier events or mistakes.
ANTICIPATE other road users kind or crazy actions and
NEVER act on impulse,
if you have not planned to do something, it is probably
best not to do it!!
In unfamiliar territory look out for traffic SIGNS
which are helpful, but may be difficult to see!
On fast dual-carriageways accelerate briskly,
sustain your gears and reach the maximum speed
(70 mph, if safe) as soon as you can.
Do not get distracted by irrelevant things,
CONCENTRATE and continuously monitor your
On country lanes your speed is determined by the
speed limit, road conditions and your ability to be able to
stop well within the visible clear road ahead.
As a rough guide in good dry conditions
keep your speed in MPH to about the same as
the distance in METRES that you can see ahead,
even on a national speed limit zone.
In difficult or confusing situations,
check your mirrors,
keep well back and watch out for
other road users' BODY LANGUAGE or signals.
Take extra care when approaching green Traffic Signals,
check your mirrors and
ANTICIPATE the signals changing to amber,
but do NOT try to predict what will happen.
Remember AMBER means STOP if SAFE!!
You will be required to carry out 1 manoeuvering exercise
and, on 1 in 3 Tests, an Emergency Stop.

If you have a choice of lanes going in the same direction
you should normally select the LEFT lane.
However, at the end of a one-way street,
choose the RIGHT lane for turning right.

Plenty of practice is needed.
If you are NOT confident, you are NOT ready!